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Web Changes

EGiS is in itself a new operational system for presentation and retrieval of live and archived data, primarily designed for real-time use during campaigns. Now we have made limited system features available on the web.

This is where we will post information about new web features and major upgrades.

[Bullet]December/January 2005/2006: Added features

-Authorized users may download campaign specific numerical data.
-Authorized users have access to rudimentary statistical tools.

[Bullet]November/December 2005: System upgrade

-E.G.i.S webserver upgraded to windows2003 IIS 6.0.
-Radar Hill sonic temperature instrument added.

[Bullet] June/July 2005: Instrument added

- Meteorological measurements from Esrange ballonpad has been added as a new instrument called Meteometer.

[Bullet] Summer 2004: E.G.i.S update

- Glg plug-in removed and replaced with ChartDirector from Advanced software engineering. Plug-in no longer needed. Javascript must be activated.
- Data from windmeasurements are now available in restricted form.
- E.G.i.S webpage design change. Here you can access previous version of E.G.i.S with glg.

[Bullet] December 17th , 1999: Updates

- The listings of available soundings on our numeric and graphical views of meteorological data now also includes information on ozone data presence for each flight.
- The database backend has been upgraded to Oracle 8i during this fall.

[Bullet] November 26th , 1998: Meteorological data update

- Due to compatibility problems between Glg version 2.2 and 2.3, the graphical view of archived and live meteorological soundings now require Glg 2.3 control to view correctly.
- Please also see our user's guide for more details on this subject.

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